What settings? What mode?

What matters most is what you know about cameras in taking pictures. Since you had to ask, it would be safe to assume you know nothing more than to press the button. Believe us then when we say set to Auto, point, then shoot because frankly speaking, that is the best way for you to get lucky.

Now you know!




I am Keerok, a photographer. I have no formal training with photography. Everything I know, I learned by myself. It took an old Russian Zenit film SLR with a broken meter to get me into the technical and artistic sides of photography. Before that, everything was green light (on lightmeter) and center focus. Little did I knew then that there was more to just clicking.

Herewithin these blog pages are my standard replies to Yahoo! Answers - Cameras category. Some entries wouldn't make sense alone by itself but I assure you, they do with the right question and those type of questions abound in Y! Answers. My goal is to help those also in the path of learning photography and hopefully keep the tradition of shooting with real cameras from disappearing into obsolescence.

Feel free to browse. I assure you, there are serious topics somewhere inside. Please be patient in clicking "Older Post" at the bottom. Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome.