Detailed instructions on how to transfer files from camera to the computer

To copy files including pictures and videos from the camera to the computer.



  • Digital camera
  • Memory card
  • USB card reader
  • Computer



  1. Take out the memory card off your camera.
  2. Insert the memory card to a USB card reader.
  3. Plug the card reader to an empty USB slot in your computer.
  4. Wait for Autoplay to come up then select "Windows Explorer" or for Macs, start Finder.
  5. Browse and Navigate to the memory card's folder containing the pictures or videos if you are not yet there.
  6. Select which files you want to copy.
  7. Copy.
  8. Navigate to the folder in the computer's hard disk where to paste copied files.
  9. Paste.

Now you know!



  1. Thank you very much.KA cousin

  2. I have to stress a few more points here.

    1. Get a cheap USB card reader. The cheaper it is, the more basic it will be for lesser complications.

    2. Even if you have a built-in card reader in your laptop or computer, still get a USB card reader because of #1 above.

  3. 3. Notice you didn't need the camera at all. Sorry I listed it in the materials.