Why are DSLR cameras so darn expensive?

1. DSLR's use much larger digital sensors compared to point-and-shoot (PNS) cameras. Full frame is at the top. The second line are the sizes of common dSLR's. The bottom line are those used by point-and-shoot cameras.

2. DSLR's offer manual controls for Shutter speed, Aperture size, ISO rating and White balance in standard settings with more range.

3. DSLR's have interchangeable lens mounts allowing the use of the best lens for a certain scene. Bigger glass, bigger price.

4. DSLR's have an optical viewfinder allowing the photographer to see what the lens sees exactly.

5. DSLR's have a real shutter. DSLR's have no shutter lag (theoretically, very minimal) as compared to PNS cameras.

6. DSLR's use better quality parts than PNS cameras. They are the cream of the crop products in every camera builder's factory hence they get the best treatment.

7. DSLR's are expensive to discourage people who don't know the basic principles of photography from wasting their precious cash only to get pictures that look exactly like those they got from their old PNS cameras (or worse, cellphones).

8. If you think $500 is exaggerated for a camera's price then don't look at

Now you know!


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