The fallacy of a semi-SLR.

An SLR camera is defined by the presence of a Reflex Mirror and a Pentaprism (or Pentamirror). They work in tandem. Take away one and it's no longer an SLR camera. It is exactly the same in both film and digital versions. Which means there couldn't possibly be a semi-SLR or semi-dSLR camera.

What there are however are hybrid cameras which lack both of those parts. Examples are the Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC), Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens camera (EVIL), Single Lens Translucent mirror camera (SLT) and Compact System Camera (CSC). All of them have at least an APS-C sized sensor and a replaceable lens much like those used in a real dSLR.

The ones that use a smaller sensor and don't have an interchangeable lens system are called bridge cameras. They resemble miniature dSLR's in form but are actually dressed-up point-and-shoot cameras. Bridge cameras however have the distinction of having the most zoom in the world of photography.

Now you know!


SLR camera


Four-thirds (dSLR) vs. Micro Four-thirds (Mirrorless) camera


SLT camera

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