Why upgrade?

You do realize there is no such thing as upgrade with cameras. You buy a new one and then decide what to do with the old one. Keep in the attic, back-up or sell. There are no user-replaceable parts in the body itself like in the case of computers and cars. That means if you want something from the newer model that you can't live without that's not in your old camera then by all means, get that new model. You have to know exactly what it is or else it will just be a huge waste of money.

If you thought that by replacing your old camera with a new one, you'll get better picture quality then there's where most people go wrong. Image quality depends mostly on the photographer's skill. The camera is only a tool.

The real upgrade in dSLR terms is to buy more lenses. That way you increase your flexibility as a photographer. More varied lens focal lengths will allow you to use the best lens possible for each shot you make.

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