Can I be a model?

This is a shot of a camera being modeled.

Here is a car being modeled.

This one is some makeup being modeled.

Here are some clothes being modeled.

If you don't still get it, modeling is not about you. It's all about the product you are trying to sell. Models in essence are sales representatives. This means that anybody can be a model as long as he or she meets the requirements set by the makers of the product.

Of course at first you have to sell yourself to get a modeling job. Show off your qualities. You can show pictures of you actually modeling something but don't forget to show off your figure and your face in different angles and lighting. That's what designers will be looking out for, your structure. You would also have to throw in some emotions to show what kind of "acting" you can do in case they need personality in their shoot.

Now you know!


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