What camera is best for concerts?

Most likely, your ticket would give you a view like this. No camera, even a dSLR with a long telephoto lens can get you decent pictures at that distance. Impossible.

If you force the issue, you will get something like this. The crowd in front of you. They're not the ones you went to watch did you? Even if relatively near the stage or even right in front of it, how can you prop your camera steadily with this kind of crowd? Not worth it.

If you're lucky and happen to be right in front of the stage, you will need flash to get a decent shot. Most organizers do not allow flash so as not to distract the artists. They might confiscate your camera.

If you don't use flash, your pictures will be blurred. Unacceptable.

So what can or how do you do it? Notice the decent picture above. The angle of view suggests that the photographer was on-stage or riding a crane to position himself correctly for the shot. That is a hired photographer working for the concert producers. You won't be able to get that kind of angles even if you had a press pass.

What camera? It doesn't matter. You can't get decent shots any way. Leave the camera at home and enjoy the show. It's the live experience that makes concerts worth attending. You are there to have fun not consume yourself in documenting the event. Someone else is tasked to do that. Just buy the DVD when it comes out.

Now you know!


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