First time dSLR buyers' biggest mistakes

  1. Assume the dSLR will make them good photographers. (Classic)

  2. Think one brand is better than the other and/or compare a basic model to an enterprise class model. (Hearsay)

  3. Go for the cheapest and get "Body only" then complain why the camera is so darn expensive and doesn't come with a lens or delay buying while waiting for the price to go down. (Miser)

  4. Delay buying while waiting for the next new model "coming out soon". (Fear of obsolescence)

  5. Request for a dSLR that is easy to use. (Dreaming)

  6. Assume they know a lot already after using a compact for so many years and think the dSLR is a justifiable upgrade. (Hahaha!)

  7. Bought a bridge camera. (Facepalm)

Now you know!


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