There is no such thing as a professional camera.

Professional is a term for a person. The camera is only a tool. If a person uses a camera to earn money then that person is a professional photographer. The brand, model or type of camera used does not matter. The proficiency of the photographer, whether he's good or not at taking pictures, also does not matter. What matters is that the photographer must get paid to be called a professional.

Now you know!



  1. Consider updating your blog. You are missing tons of valuable and important information.

    You state prime lenses do not zoom.

    Prime lenses can zoom. They are called variable primes. What about the Nikon 70-200 F/2.8 lens and the other lenses that can zoom and maintain the same aperture?

    Update your information.

    Update your definition of a professional photographer.

    Nikon markets high end DSLR cameras as professional cameras.

    Read the first paragraph.;_ylt=Anx6pVxmHtYX1kpcef0hPKzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130503161040AAufOD3

    I would have simply sent you a discreet and polite email but that is disabled at Yahoo answers. Consider enabling that.


  2. Thank you anonymous for your insight on variable primes and the term professional. I will look into the topic on primes further and may lean towards calling them fixed-focal-length lenses to make it more clearer.

    As I know it, any fixed focal length lens is a prime and those with the ability to change focal length is a zoom. Notice that the criteria is focal length not aperture size so the constant aperture 70-200mm is a zoom.

    Variable primes, are cinema projection lenses that can change focal length somewhat to match actual screen size for picture size control. Technically it's a zoom but up to 7% change in focal length only. That's a very slim margin and practically useless if you use it to shoot pictures.

    On the topic of what a professional is, I stay by my definition. Camera companies do tend to use it differently and I'm most certain it's a marketing ploy. I've been in the industry long enough not to get swayed instantly by what they say anymore.