What's the best camera?

The best cameras out there are undoubtedly dSLR's. They offer all the controls needed to make the picture and the flexibility to adapt the camera to any shooting scenario. All dSLR's are basically the same. You choose either by budget or by some distinguishable feature that appears on certain models.

Not all picture takers appreciate the value of the optical viewfinder found on dSLR's and go for portability. You can choose how portable you want your camera to get or how much of the controls you don't want to lose on a non-dSLR camera.

Hybrid cameras (MILC, EVIL, SLT) offer all the controls of a dSLR without the optical viewfinder. They also have large digital sensors. With the right small lens, they can prove to be highly portable and efficient.

Bridge cameras resemble small dSLR's. They are actually point-and-shoot cameras with more features and some amount of control. Best of all, they have the most zoom.

Point-and-shoot cameras are the most compact of all. If portability is your main concern, look at these pocketable cameras.

Of course there will always be someone looking to be different and so we have rangefinder cameras. The most common of these come from Leica. The price of a Leica camera is enough to make you stand out automatically anywhere, anytime.

So, is there a best camera after all? None. It all depends on what you like, can afford, or know how to use. It's all about you. The camera is only a tool.

Now you know!


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