Buy a new one.

Camera does not work? Broken LCD? Corroded battery housing? Eating alkaline batteries fast? Pictures with lines? Can still take pictures but...? Buttons not working? Dropped from the 357th floor? Dropped at a height of 2 inches? Dropped in water? Wet from rain? Soaked in water for a tenth of a second? Juice spilled on it? Submerged in mud and rain? Nail polish remover spilled on it? Lens scratched? How to disassemble camera? Stayed in rice for 3 months now? Has been in the attic for a year and won't power on? 2MP camera with missing charger? Sand in lens? Lens hesitant to go out? Grinding sound? Belching sound? Screeching sound? Lens error? Lens cover error? Forcefully pushed lens in? Banged the camera to the wall hoping to jumpstart it? You actually believe it still works? Dead camera? It still has life in it? You want to fix it? Messed around with it, now it won't work? Camera was broken by mother? Cute and adoring little brother played with it? Best friend purposely broke camera? Camera was borrowed and not returned by the dog? Camera got lost yesterday? Camera got lost 3 centuries ago? Camera got stolen? Where is the database for camera serial numbers? How to track a stolen camera? Where to report missing cameras? 

If it's a point-and-shoot camera, spare yourself the tears and cash. You'd be better off buying a new one. Repairs are much more expensive. The old one? Throw it away or stop looking for it.

If it's a dSLR, bring it to the nearest Authorized Service Center of your camera's brand. This is where buying at your local distributor at a higher price may come in handy. Well if it's lost you can only buy another one.

Now you know!



  1. I did buy a new one, and within a couple of months of the 1 year warranty running out it broke too, with less than 2 hours total use.

    Should I buy another another one then?

    1. You bought a new one which you had for 8 months but was used less than 2 hours tops? You don't need a digital camera. The one on your cellphone should do.