Recharge by USB?

Usually you can't recharge a camera battery through the USB cable. The power running through the USB port is not enough to charge a camera battery. Worse, if your camera does not normally charge by USB, the battery will drain instead. There are exceptions though. To be sure read the camera's instruction manual. 

You should be able to find the proper charger for your camera's battery in a photo supply shop, a computer shop or a cellphone accessories shop. The most common type requires you to take out the battery from the camera, insert it to the charger then plug the charger to the wall socket. You can leave it overnight to be sure you get full charge.

If you have the correct charger but bought from another country, check the manual or the label of the charger. Some chargers can work with a wide range of voltages from 100-240V. Your only problem then would be getting the right adapter for the plug. If the charger only works for a limited range of voltage, get a transformer from the hardware.

Now you know!


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