DSLRs are not for everybody

You don't seem to be familiar with dSLRs. I suggest you do not get one. They are very heavy, large and bulky. They are extremely difficult to set-up and use. The worst part is they take exactly the same quality of pictures you can get with a point-and-shoot camera if you use it exclusively in Automatic mode. Don't get me wrong. You will be able to take pictures with a dSLR even if you don't know photography. It's just that the quality of pictures you will get won't be what you expected given the amount of money you paid for the camera. You also need to spend time and effort learning photography first to get the most out of a dSLR camera.

If you just bought your dSLR and it hasn't been a week yet since you got it, there is still hope. Rush to the store right now and return it. Replace it with a digital point-and-shoot camera and a digital video camera. Those will serve you better.

If you think you deserve to be a dSLR owner, work hard on this.

Now you know!



  1. Not fair. I can read as many guides and take as many classes as possible BUT I dont think i'll get familiar enough till I actually own one and learn how to play with it first hand. Im pretty sure im not the only case.

    1. It's really useless attending photography classes without a dSLR. Bridge cameras have those settings too but not enough for you to see everything. When studying photography, a dSLR is a must. While waiting, play with EV on whatever camera you have. That should keep you busy enough.